Delhi Is Expected To Get Its First Anti-Smog Tower By Next Winter?

Delhi will get an anti-smog tower on the lines of China by next winter. The Supreme Court advised the state and center to check feasibility of setting anti-smog towers to clean capital of pollution. Now the Delhi government come up with a plan to set one.

How is Delhi’s first anti-smog tower planned?

IIT-Delhi and IIT-Bombay are working on a 20-25 meters tower with 30×30 feet dimensions. The University of Minnesota that also helped China in installing an anti-smog tower recently is assisting India in making its first air purifier.

Highlights of the Delhi tower

• 20-25 meters height

• 30×30 dimensions

• Cleaning capacity of 1 sq km

• Multiple filters to release fresh air in every direction

• The filters will be made at different heights

What people associated with the project have to say about the upcoming anti-smog tower?

It would be a pilot project and the location to install the first tower is yet to be finalized said Harsha Kota assistant professor in the civil engineering department at IIT-Delhi. Kota further revealed that the Delhi tower would be different from its counterpart in China.

While the Chinese tower releases fresh air … Read the rest