Chandrayaan-3 Would Cost ISRO Rs. 75 Crores


Chandrayaan-3 is now official and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has started working on the ambitious project. It has sought Rs. 75 crores for this mission but the fund would be in addition to the existing budget of ISRO.

ISRO needs Rs. 60 crores for the expenditure for buying machinery, equipment and other capital expenditure for Chandrayaan-3 mission. Also, it needs Rs. 15 crores for meeting the revenue expenditure head. ISRO needs this money quick because it is preparing for the Moon landing mission next November.

ISRO’s budget for 2019-20

ISRO has demanded Rs. 666 crores over and above the funds granted in the original 2019-20 budget.The Rs. 75 crores are 11% of the Rs. 666 crores. Rest of the funds would be utilized for the following programmes.

Rs. 8.6 crores for the proposed human spaceflight programme expected to be implemented in 2022.
Rs. 12 crores for development of small satellite launch vehicle.
Rs. 120 crores for development of launchpad for small satellite launch vehicle.

But the largest demand for funds has been raised by UR Rao Satellite Centre and Satish Dhawan Space Centre. Together they need Rs. 516 crores for assembling and testing facilities and development of the spaceport respectively.

Government confirms ISRO’s demand

Sources in the central government have confirmed that ISRO has demanded more funds to meet its expenditure. The Department of Economic Affairs deals with ISRO has started the process of clearing the fund. And the department has assured that ISRO would get fund for both the projects.

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