Send Best Wishes For Hazrat Ali’s Birthday On 15th February 2022

Celebration Of Hazrat Ali’s Birthday

15 February is the birthday of the first man to embrace Islam and accept Muhammad as the Prophet of God. He is Ali ibn Abu Talib. Born in 599 AC on the 13th day of the Islamic month of Rajab in Mecca, he also made Mecca the holiest place in Islam.

Birth Of Hazrat Ali

Born to Abu Talib and Fatima bint Asda, Hazrat Ali was first person to embrace Islam as a religion and convert to it. A cousin of Muhammad, he married Muhammad’s daughter Fatimah and became his first son-in-law. And being a prominent figure in Islam, he fought numerous battles as an aid of Prophet Muhammad. Hazrat Ali’s birthday is determined according to the Islamic lunar calendar.

Hazrat Ali’s Rule

Hazrat Ali is respected by both Shias and Sunnis in different manners. Both the Muslim communities honor him as the greatest figure in Islam. As a religious Muslim leader, he ruled till the year 661 and was known as an honest ruler till his last breath.

Martyr Hazrat Ali

Hazrat Ali was killed with a poisonous sword when he was offering his prayers at Kufa’s Great Mosque. He was hit by Ibn Muljam on head resulting in severe injuries that led to his death on the 19th day of Ramadan. Hazrat Ali was declared a martyr after his death and his birthday celebrated to honor his contribution to Islam.

Celebration Of Hazrat Ali’s Birthday

Hazrat Ali’s birthday is celebrated with much enthusiasm as he laid his life on the religious path of Islam. Mosques across the country are decorated with flowers and lights to honor Hazrat Ali and highlight his role in embracing Islam as a religion. Devotees visit mosques to offer their prayers and learn … Read more