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Meghan Markle Recalls The Incident That Made Her Cry

Meghan Markle made startling revelation in her interview with Oprah Winfrey during a tell-tale interview. She poured her heart over her relations with the royal family and being a proud member of the royal family.

What did Meghan Markle reveal?

She’s talking about an incident circulated by the gossip press and she said that that was a turning point. Be she also made a point by saying that everyone in the institution knew that the reverse was true. She revealed that Kate was upset about something.

What was disturbing Kate Middleton?

Meghan Markle only said that Kate was upset about flower girl dresses. She even said that Kate owned that and Kate apologized for that. The incident happened a few days before Meghan Markle’s marriage and it made Markle cry. Meghan Markle said that the incident really hurt her feelings.

Why did Meghan Markle call the incident character assassination?

Meghan Markle said that she came to know that not only was she not being protected, but that the royal family members were willing to lie to protect other members. She further said that she lost her trust as part of the royal family due to that incident.

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Why does Thomas Markle The Estranged Father Of Meghan Markle Want To Meet Her Son Archie?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made it clear that they won’t let Thomas Markle, the estranged father of the Duchess, to meet their son Archie. Meghan Markle decided to maintain no relations with her father after his public betrayal.

Thomas Markle reaches out Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry

Thomas Markle, a former Hollywood lighting director and estranged father of the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle made a futile attempt to mend his relations with his daughter and her son Archie who is only four months old now. He said that he was eager to see whether Archie had the famous Markle nose. Thomas Markle said that he had strong belief that all his family differences could be resolved. He further maintained that he wanted to be as close to Archie as he was to his daughter.

Why the Duchess of Sussex cut off her relations with her father?

Meghan Markle said that her father betrayed her at the time when she desperately needed his support. The former actor said that she paid her tuition fees and build a striking career without any support. She also said that she had no intentions of normalizing her relations with … Read the rest