National Science Day 2022: Celebrations Shouldn’t Be Confined To A Single Day

National Science Day 2022

February 28 is observed as a National Science Day to promote and develop the scientific environment in the country. Every year a theme is selected for National Science Day and the theme is so selected that it reflects the real picture of growth and development of scientific culture in the country.

National Science Day 2022 Theme

“Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future” has been selected as the theme for National Science Day 2022. Here the focus is on an integrated approach to achieve a sustainable future. The theme reflects the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic time.

National Science Day 2022

Theme Explained

The tough lesson learned during the pandemic is the importance of connecting government with scientific institutions and the medical industry. It is only due to the linking of various institutions with the government departments and the collaboration of the pharma companies that the world has been able to stem the tide of the pandemic.

Statement Of Ministry Of Science And Technology Of India

The ministry issued a big statement about National Science Day. The government said that the celebration of science shouldn’t be confined to a single day but should reflect the determination of all government departments with engineering and medical institutions to work on a theme-based approach to achieve sustainable development.

The UN Dedicates National Science Day To Basic Sciences

The world body speaks about how the basic sciences can improve the quality of life across the globe. It further suggests an integrated approach that includes a multi-learning environment (MLE), virtual learning environment (VLE), and physical learning environment (PLE).

The UN also highlights the importance of teaching sciences by saying that it needs motivation, innovation, and commitment instead of a routine job. The UN stressed … Read more