What Safe Landing Of Perseverance Means For NASA And The World?


NASA successfully landed Perseverance on Mars on Thursday. Its safe landing on a vast crater on Mars’ surface is no less than a big feat for the pandemic stricken US that is also battling economic slowdown for the same reason.

What is Perseverance?

It is a self-guided science rover with the most advanced astrobiology laboratory on the mission Mars to collect signs of life on the Red Planet. It travelled for seven months to cover a distance of 293 million miles to reach its destination. It entered the Mars’ atmosphere at a speed of 12,000 miles per hour and landed safely on Jezero Crater that is a long-vanished Martian lake bed.

Was there life on Marsh?

Perseverance will collect possible fossilized signs of microbes that were believed to live on Mars some 3 billion years ago. Scientists are of the opinion that Mars had water that made it hospitable to life. This project cost the US $2.7 billion and two years. Perseverance will extract the samples embedded on Mars surface for future analysis by scientists on earth.

US Mars mission

The US started its Mars project on 1965 by sending the first fly-by spacecraft, Mariner but Perseverance is the most ambitious project of its Mars mission as it is equipped with much larger and advanced equipment than its predecessors.

The Perseverance payload includes the project to pay way for safe human exploration of Marsh. It carries a device that will convert the carbon dioxide gas on Mars in pure oxygen needed for human survival.

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