Tasty Tikki Recipes To Try At Home

Aloo tikkiis a popular chat but do you know that you can make tikki with other things as well. I mean to say that you no longer need filling aloo in tikki when there are so many things to use as a filler.

Tikki recipes to try at home

Khasta Sabudana Tikki

Made with sabudana and some mashed potatoes, these tikkis make a good snack during festive season like Navratri. If you want, you can add some cashew to make it crunchy and chillies to make them spicy. For Navratri festival, you can use sendhanamak.

Khoya Stuffed Matar Ki Tikki

The filling of the tikkitells everything about its taste. It gets a sweeter taste with khoya and sour flavor with tangy pea. Also, you can add date and pistachios to improve flavor and add some nutrition to the tikki.

Paneer Tikki

Cottage cheese or paneer is the next best thing after aloo stuffing. Paneer offers the best in taste and nutrition. And combined with spices and chillies, this tikki becomes a hot favorite of vegetarians during festive season.

Corn Palak Ki Tikki

Spinach and corn are super foods and when combined, they give everything including taste and nutrition. Also, it is super easy to make the filling. It is a must try tikki for all foodies.

Quinoa, Couscous and Beetroot Tikki

It is for health-conscious people that prefer nutrition over everything. This recipe combines the power of spinach, oats, couscous, beetroot and quinoa. Also, it isn’t fried. You need to cook the tikkis from both sides.

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