Technology Is The Theme of International Mother Language Day 2022

The world observes International Mother Language Day on February 21 every year. The day signifies the role of languages in advancing inclusion and achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of leaving no one behind.


• Bangladesh took the initiative of starting International Mother Language Day
• UNESCO recognized the need to preserve native languages to prevent them from disappearing
• It highlights the use of technology for learning languages in the theme for 2022

Who Started The First International Mother Language Day?

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) adopted a resolution to observe International Mother Language Day on February 21 every year in its General Conference in 1999. And the initiative was taken by Bangladesh. The world observed the first International Mother Language Day in 2000 and since then February 21 has been celebrated as this day.

What Message The International Mother Language Day Gives?

International Mother Language Day

UNESCO believes in cultural and linguistic diversity as it is important for sustainable societies. The intergovernmental world body further states that preserving cultures and languages despite their differences is necessary to make the society respect diversity.

UNESCO recognized the threat to linguistic diversity by highlighting the disappearance of languages from the world. According to a UN report, approximately 40% of people don’t have access to education in the language they speak and understand. And the world body believes that it is only through International Mother Language Day that native languages can be preserved and promoted.

Also, the world body stresses the importance and need of education in native languages, particularly in early schooling to make progress in mother-tongue-based multilingual education.

What Is The Theme For 2022?

Using technology for multilingual learning: Challenges and opportunities is the theme for International Mother Language Day 2022. With this theme, the world body wants to highlight the role technology can play in multilingual education and support learning for all through quality teaching.


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