The US Could Announce Major Breakthrough In Fusion Reaction On Tuesday

Scientists in the California-based Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) had achieved a “net energy gain” from an experimental fusion reactor said a media report in Financial Times on Sunday. The US Department of Energy also announced a “major scientific breakthrough” later in the week.


• Nuclear fusion is considered the produces energy for the future
• It produces little waste and no greenhouse gases
• The US could share more information on its research on Tuesday

What Did LLNL Achieve?

It is the first time that scientists can produce more energy in a fusion reaction. It is the same type that powers the sun and is considered a major step in the pursuit of zero-carbon power. But the analysis was still going said LLNL in a statement. It also said that US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm would “announce a major scientific breakthrough” on Tuesday.

The fusion reaction that occurred in the past two weeks produced a 120% net energy gain said FT. Later the Washington Post reported a senior fusion scientist saying that to most of them, that was only a matter of time.

US Could Announce Major Breakthrough In Fusion Reaction

Why Fusion Reaction Is Considered A Game Changer?

Fusion differs from fission in the way that involves fusing two atomic nuclei instead of splitting one that is used in fission. A member of Congress from California Ted Lieu said that if that fusion energy breakthrough was true, it could be a game changer for the world.

Scientists at the LLNL fusion facility used almost consists of almost 200 lasers the size of three football fields to bombard a tiny spot with high levels of energy to initiate a fusion reaction.


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