Twitter Sees An Exodus Of Officials For This Reason

The exodus of top management employees from Twitter continues after Elon Musk took the reins of the company. The latest to resign from Twitter is the chief customer officer and ad boss, Sarah Personette. She tweeted on Tuesday that she resigned last week.


• Sarah Personette and other officials resigned from Twitter
• The resignation of top advertising and marketing chiefs has added to the advertisers’ uncertainty
• Advertisers are stopping their ads on Twitter

Which Officials Left Twitter?

Chief Customer Officer and Ad Boss Sarah Personette, Chief People and Diversity Officer Dalana Brand, General Manager for Core Technologies Nick Caldwell, Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland, Head of Product Jay Sullivan, and Vice President of Global Sales Jean-Philippe Maheu have left the social media company.

Twitter Exodus Of Officials For This Reason

How Are Advertisers Responding To Twitter?

A group of over 40 advocacy organizations including the NAACP and Free Press asked the top 20 advertisers to pull their ads in an open letter fearing Elon Musk could get content moderation on Twitter. Mediabrands, a unit of ad holding company IPG, has also advised its clients to pause advertising on Twitter until Twitter takes trust-building measures and ensures safety on the platform.

It is to be noted that hateful content has skyrocketed since the change of guards at the top level. The Network Contagion Research Institute, which identifies “cyber-social threats, has already said that the use of the n-word had increased to an alarming 500% on the social media platform.

How Is Elon Musk Handling The Situation?

Elon Musk sent a tweet on Monday to reassure advertisers about brand safety. “Twitter’s commitment to brand safety is unchanged,” tweeted Musk. Also, his team is meeting with advertisers in New York as the advertisers have raised alarm about the hate content plaguing the social media network.


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