U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo Will Visit New Delhi To Boost Defence Ties

Mike Pompeo

U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced his India visit amid speculations that he could attend the India Ideas U.S. India Business Council event on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

Mr. Pompeo will visit New Delhi as part of the Indo-Pacific strategy of President Donald Trump according to a State Department briefing on Monday.

The State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said that Mr. Pompeo’s India would visit India between June 24 and 30. Mr. Pompeo on an official tour of three countries – India, Sri Lanka and Japan – and he’ll start his tour from New Delhi.

Mr. Ortagus further stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s landslide victory in recent elections was an opportunity for Mr. Pompeo to put forward his vision of a strong and prosperous India ready to play a leading role on a global platform.

Mr. Pompeo said he was looking forward for the opportunity to deliver the set of remarks about how America’s relationship is closely tied economically and U.S. and India can continue to do to develop an important relationship.

Trump administration is looking for stronger defence and strategic relationship with India as its Indo-Pacific strategy. But in reality, the U.S. wants to curb the growing influence of China in the region and globe.

Source : http://bit.ly/2R8uEaz

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