US Independence Day Parade Shooting: Prime Suspect Arrested After A Brief Car Chase

Highland Park Police arrested Robert Crimo (22) on the suspicion of the mass shooting at a US Independence Day parade in a wealthy Chicago suburb. Earlier the police identified him as a “person of interest” and launched a manhunt to arrest Robert Crimo.


• Robert Crimo was arrested for the US Independence Day parade shooting incident
• The mass shooting left six dead and scores of others injured
• It was the third incident after the Black supermarket and elementary school incidents
• US Gun Violence Archive has 309 mass shootings in 2022

Who Is Robert Crimo?

Robert Crimo calls himself a musician. In the music world, he goes by the online moniker “Awake the Rapper”. He emerged as a key suspect in the mass shooting incident and the police combed the entire town of Highland Park in Illinois to nab Crimo. On Monday, Crimo was nabbed after a brief car chase but without any incident.

What Is The History Of Gun Violence In The US?

History Of Gun Violence In The US

The data on the Gun Violence Archive website shows that gun violence is plaguing America and that no one feels safe now. The website reported 309 mass shootings including at least three others on July 4 when two police officers were wounded during a fireworks display in Philadelphia.

What Is The US Government Doing To Control The Violence?

Just days after the Supreme Court upheld the right of Americans to carry a handgun in public; President Joe Biden signed the first significant federal bill on gun safety in decades.

Eight months ago, a video featuring a young man with cartoons of a gunman and people being shot was uploaded on YouTube. It shows the popularity of gun culture among youngsters including school students.

Earlier 10 Black supermarket shoppers were killed in upstate New York and 21 people mostly young children were gunned down at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.


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