Valentine’s Day Week: Know What To Gift On Which Day

The Valentine’s Week begins on 7th February with Rose Day celebrations but people wait for this week all the year. Valentine’s Day falls on 14th February but the celebrations continue for entire week starting February 7. It is called Valentine’s Week.

Valentine’s Week – Dates and things to do

This week is all about friendship, love and gifts. It is an occasion and an opportunity to make friends, express your love and enjoy the excitement of giving and receiving gifts. If you are confused about dates and gifts then this Valentine’s calendar would help.

It begins with Rose Day on 7th February; On 8th February, it would be Propose Day; On February 9, you celebrate Chocolate Day and on 10th February comes the Teddy Day.

Rose Day, 7 February:Begin the celebrations with gifting beautiful roses to each other. You can buy rose flowers for your friends.

Propose Day, 8 February: Your rose would carry the message of love and make it easier for you to express your love before that special person.

Chocolate Day, 9 February: With the rose gift accepted and love expressed, its time to have some sweets.

Teddy Day, 10 February: Now you are in love. You can give your love interest a teddy. It would be start of gifting.

Promise Day, 11 February: Nothing is sweeter than words. You can make a promise to your love interest.

Hug Day, 12 February: Its time to give a warm hug to each other.

Kiss Day, 13 February: It is a very important day before the Valentine’s Day. You can make most of the day.

Valentine’s Day, 14 February: It is what you were waiting for all the year. It is the Valentine’s Day. It’s your day and you should enjoy it to the full.


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