Senate Acquits The US President Donald Trump Of All Impeachment Charges

US President Donald Trump came out of impeachment charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He easily defeated the effort to expel him from office with the staunch Republican support.

Impeachment of Donald Trump

Donald Trump was charged with illegally seeking help from Ukraine to bolster his 2020-re-election efforts. And there were strong evidences against Trump. But Republicans stayed loyal to him and defeated the impeachment by 52 to 48 on the first and 53 to 47 on the second. The Democrats were short of two-thirds supermajority required for conviction.

The Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts pronounced that with two-thirds present senators not found Donald Trump guilty, the Senate adjudges the President of the United States not guilty as charged.

Republican Mitt Romney voted Donald Trump as guilty in the first count but voted not guilty on the second count. But he was found to be a staunch critic of Trump and he risked White House wrath only due to his hatred for Trump.

Donald Trump celebrated the victory

Trump called the impeachment process a hoax and a witch hunt. He said that as a president, he enjoyed the right to pressurize Ukraine. Also, he maintained that he wasn’t supposed to comply with Congress demands for testimony and evidence.

Forever impeached

Only the third leader to face the trial, Donald Trump didn’t come out clean of the process. The result discouraged the Democrats but they weren’t surprised of the outcome. The vote closed an old chapter in the history of America.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi repeatedly said that Donald Trump would be tarred with the impeached level like his two predecessors. It was 78-house investigation that witnessed public doubts and high-pressure tactics employed by White House.


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