What is Fit India Grading System For Schools?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday rolled out Fit India School grading system for schools across the country. Divided into three categories, the grading system ranks schools according to their contribution in fitness program.

What is Fit India School grading system?

It is a fitness system developed to check participation of educational institutions in popularizing fitness among students, teachers and other staff members. Also, the schools would have to invest in developing infrastructure for supporting fitness programs.

Grades of Fit India School

• The Fit India Schools

• Fit India School (3 Stars)

• Fit India School (5 Stars)

The level of ranking would be determined from the efforts, schools make for inculcating fitness in students and teachers. Also, the availability of fitness equipment would be a factor in grading.

How could schools participate in the fitness grading system?

Schools need to visit Fit India portal to declare themselves fit. They would be given ratings according to the set procedure. The portal would give Fit India three star and five-star rating to schools. The participating schools would be allowed to use Fit India flag and logo.

What did PM Modi say during launch of Fit India School?

Narendra Modi launched the Fit India School grading system in his popular radio program Mann Ki Baat on Sunday. He invited all schools across the length and breadth of the country to participate in the grading system to declare their fitness.

He appealed to all schools to enroll in the Fit India ranking system and make it a mass movement to bring awareness about what the country must strive for.

Source: https://bit.ly/2OGGLuS

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