What Is Mysterious Jungle Mode Of PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile indicated a new game mode through a tweet. It said that the gamers will have a new experience through “Mysterious Jungle” from June 1, 2020. But the team behind this popular game refused to give more details about the latest update.

PUBG Mobile updates

The Mysterious Jungle Mode tweet shares a picture where two gamers are seen staring at a map of Sanhok. The idea is to send games on a new treasure hunt through the Sanhok map. And they have to decode the signals in the map to find the way to the treasures. Also, they have to remain safe from the challenges.

Another important feature of the Mysterious Jungle Mode is that it allows totems to grant blessings to players and these blessings would be in the form of in-game supplies that will help gamers in different ways. Also, the latest mode could have hot air balloons for aerial survey of the battlefield. But you need to wait until June 1, 2020 to get full details of the Mysterious Jungle Mode.

Previous PUBG Mobile updates

The last updated was the version 0.18.0 release. It upgraded the Miramar map with new and advanced features like an unknown landscape, housing areas, well built roads and plenty of resources. But the biggest feature of the update was Cheer Park that was a social area where gamers can congregate in real time. It allowed up to 20 gamers at a time. It also added Arctic Mode and Bluehole Mode for the Erangel map.

Source: https://bit.ly/36OyfCN

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