What Is The Latest Information On PUBG Mobile India Launch?

Hopeful of the India launch of PUBG Mobile on 19th January, Tuesday, millions of PUGB enthusiasts are searching information about launch of PUBG Mobile in India. But there is confusing information about the release date of PUBG for Indian fans.

Information available on PUBG Mobile India launch

An undisclosed source revealed that the PUBG Mobile India could be launched on January 19 fueling speculation about the expected launch. The claim was strengthened after the trailer of the Royale game was released on January 15. It triggered a rumor that the PUBG Mobile India launch date could be anything between January 15 to 19.

Some earlier reports indicated strong possibilities of PUBG Mobile India release in the third week of January but some other sources denied this possibility and suggested that it was highly unlikely that PUBG Mobile India could be launched before March. Soon there came a video on YouTube claiming PUBG Mobile India launch between Jan 15-19.

Recent appointments in PUBG Corporation

Last December, Krafton Inc, parent company of PUBG Corporation appointed Aneesh Arvind as new country manager for India. It fueled speculation of launch of PUBG Mobile India. The parent company also included four more people to supervise India launch of PUBG Mobile and all the inductees were part of Tencent.

FAU-G release

While the PUBG Corporation and Indian government are silent over the expected release of PUBG Mobile, FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards) will be released in India on January 26. Last September, India banned PUBG Mobile along with 118 Chinese apps citing security reasons.

Source:- https://bit.ly/3sGknoG

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