What Is The Truth Behind the Australian Government’s Sex Scandal?

The Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison is facing a shameful time for sexual acts and allegations against his government. Already under pressure from the media and the opposition for his handling of sexual assault allegations in his office, he called the behavior “disgraceful” and “absolutely shameful”.

What are the sexual allegations against Morrison’s government?

First, a female government adviser said that she was raped by a colleague. Then came the videos and photos including one man masturbating over a female MP’s desk revealed indecent acts of Australian lawmakers acts in government premises. The content was released by a whistleblower.

What did the whistleblower say?

Tom, the whistleblower, said that he accessed those videos and photos from a group chat of coalition government staff. He even said that government staffers and lawmakers often use a Parliament House prayer room to have sex. He even alleged that sex workers are brought to the building for the pleasure of coalition MPs.

The whistleblower further said that while the staffers and lawmakers didn’t break any law but they were morally bankrupt. He said that the pictures proved that the lawmakers thought that they could do whatever they wanted.

What did PM Morrison say about the sexual allegations on his government?

Morrison grew emotional when talking about his wife, mother, and daughters at a press conference in Canberra on Tuesday. He said that women had encountered a very traumatic month. Australian society organized #March4Justice rallies to protest against the indecent behavior of lawmakers.

Source:- https://bit.ly/31c432l

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