What Was The Darkness Joe Biden Cautioned About During His Diwali Speech?

US President Joe Biden mentioned Rishi Sunak’s election as the prime minister of the United Kingdom during his Diwali speech at the White House. He said that Rishi Sunak’s elevation as the prime minister was “pretty astounding” and a “ground-breaking milestone”.


• Joe Biden has the most diverse administration with Indian origin Kamala Harris as his deputy
• The president thanked the Indian community for making Diwali a part of the American culture
• He also cautioned the Americans about the darkness that was “always lurking”

Official White House Diwali Reception

During the reception, Joe Biden said that Americans were honored to light the diya surrounded by members of the most diverse administration in the history of America. It is to be noted that Joe Biden created history in 2020 by making Indian-origin Kamala Harris Vice president. She is the first Black American and South Asian American to reach this post.

Joe Biden Cautioned About During His Diwali Speech

Diwali In American Culture

Joe Biden thanked Indian Americans for making Diwali a part of the American culture. He said that the Indian community across the country contributed to every part of American life by opening homes and hearts and exchanging gifts and sweets and organizing cultural programs that bring people together.

In a White House statement earlier, Biden wished a happy Diwali to all Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Buddhists celebrating the festival of light in the US, India, and around the world.

Asians In American Administration

Joe Biden said that he had more Asian Americans in his dispensation than ever. He also thanked the community for their contribution. “It’s a simple message. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,” said the president.

Rishi Sunak’s Election As Prime Minister Of The UK

Biden said to the select guests of more than 200 people consisting of the who’s who of Indian Americans and members of his administration that just got the news that Rishi Sunak was the Prime Minister and when he went to see the King that would be pretty astounding and a ground-breaking milestone.

On Darkness Lurking Around

Biden said that American history had been a constant struggle between ideals that they were all created equal and the harsh reality that they had never fully lived up to that. He said that Diwali was a reminder that everyone had the power to bring light to the world, whether in America or around the world.


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