Why Did Angelina Jolie Sell Her Stake In The French Vineyard She Bought With Brad Pitt?

Brad Pitt accused his ex-wife Angelina Jolie of selling her share of the French Vineyard where they tied the knot in 2008. Once the highest-profile couple of Hollywood, Brad Pitt and Jolie separated in 2016 but remained locked in court battles including custody of their six children.

Where Is The French Vineyard?

It is Chateau Miraval in southern France where they bought a controlling stake soon after their marriage. Also, they agreed not to sell their shares without others’ consent. The agreement is still in force despite their divorce. The fresh issue erupted after Jolie sold her stake according to the lawsuit.

Did Jolie Sell Her Stake?

The legal document alleges that Jolie sold her interest to a Luxembourg-based spirits manufacturer controlled by Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler last October. Pitt filed a lawsuit after getting details of the deal. He said that was a breach of the terms of the agreement.

Angelina Jolie Sell Her Stake

What Are Pitt’s Allegations?

In 2008, the vineyard was in a poor state and the couple decided to develop the property into a profitable wine business. They paid approximately 25 million Euros ($25 million) for the property. Pitt contributed 60% and Jolie gave 40% amount.

Pitt transformed the vineyard into a small profitable wine business with the help of one of France’s top winemakers, Marc Perrin. And the profit started growing from $3 million in 2013 to $50 million in 2020. But Jolie had no role in those efforts.

What Is Jolie’s Argument?

According to a source, Jolie was seeking a return on her investment and not earning any profit from the proceeds of the sale. Her lawyer Robert Olson in a statement said that the actress hadn’t Pitt’s lawsuit. The lawyer further said that Jolie was too busy with her commercial projects to give any clarification on the vineyard sale.

Source:- https://bit.ly/3Bzuoc7

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