Why Is Frank Lampard Worried About Chelsea’s Performance?

Chelsea received a humiliating defeat of 2-0 from Leicester on Tuesday and dropped their ranking to eight position that is nine points behind the leader. And that is after spending a huge £220 million ($300 million) in the transfer market.

Lampard criticized the Blues

Frank Lampard minced no words in criticizing his players saying that they weren’t defeated by a better team. Lampard said that the even the basic sportsman spirit was missing in the players. He said the Blues made no efforts to cover the ground and allow the Foxes to rule the ground and score goals.

Jubilant Foxes

Leicester players revealed their true colors when they nearly repeated their heroic deed of 2015/16 season when they won Premier League against all odds. That was the tournament for which Wilfried Ndidi and James Maddison received a thumping response from both the fans and the critics.

Challenges ahead

The Foxes will play with the Manchester City and Manchester United in the coming matches and these two teams have the capability to turn the tables for Leicester but the Foxes are well prepared to receive the challenge. They have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the tournament.

Maddison said that they won the match not because of luck or chance but by hard work that they kept doing all the time. He further said that there could be strong contenders that the Foxes would continue doing the good job that is playing good football for their club.

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