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Why Jennifer Pamplona Doesn’t Want To Like Kim Kardashian After Spending $600K (INR 4,77,11,400)? New York Post published an article about how a model first changed her facial appearance to look like Kim Kardashian, the reality TV star and then opted for de-transition to get back her original look. The model is Jennifer Pamplona and it took her 12 years to improve her look to Kim Kardashian.

 Jennifer Pamplona


• Jennifer Pamplona braved 40 cosmetic operations for 12 years to look like Kim Kardashian
• She spent $600K (INR 4,77,11,400) on the transition
• She again opted to de-transition her look for $120K (INR 95,43,162)
• Experts say that it isn’t possible to get back the original look

Who Is Jennifer Pamplona?

Jennifer Pamplona is a successful model and businesswoman. But she was obsessed with the look of Kim Kardashian, the celebrity reality TV star, and wanted to look exactly like Kim. She started her transition to become Kim Kardashian at least in look at 17 and continued till 12 years.

How Did The Transition Happen?

Jennifer Pamplona had 40 plastic surgeries that include three rhinoplasties and eight operations on her bottom. Also, she had butt implants and fat injections. She said that she was addicted to surgeries as she was putting fillers on her face like she was in the supermarket. These surgeries cost her nearly $600K (INR 4,77,11,400). Her dream was fulfilled but suddenly she opted for de-transition.

What Prompted Her To De-Transition?

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Jennifer Pamplona said that she was doing well in her life but she was recognized just because she looked like Kim Kardashian. People would call her a Kardashian and that started to get annoying for Jennifer Pamplona. She lost her identity due to her changed looks and decided to go for a de-transition.

She again spent $120K (INR 95,43,162) to get back her original look. She said that she wanted a celebrity look but realized that the pleasure was only superficial. But her de-transition wasn’t smooth as she developed an illness that caused her to “bleed from her cheeks”. She thought she was dying and what the hell had she done with her life.

What Experts Have To Say About Her De-Transition?

The experts believe that it is difficult for Jennifer Pamplona to get back her original look due to aging and skin changes over the 12 years she spent on plastic surgeries.


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