Why America Won’t Elect Joe Biden For A Second Term?

As US President Joe Biden prepares for his 80th birthday in November 2022, the loudness of his age and ability to continue in office grows louder. By the turn of the second term, he will be 82 and then he could be too old to become president.


• The oldest US President Joe Biden prepares for a grueling Middle East tour
• Biden is 80 and his age has become an uncomfortable issue for everyone
• Joe Biden was certified as a vigorous man suffering from mild acid reflux and arthritis

Why Is America Concerned About Joe Biden’s Age?

Joe Biden’s Age

Joe Biden will be 82 at the end of his first term and 86 at the end of his second term if he is elected to the post in 2024. While Biden has defied his age well, he has exhausting responsibilities that are taking a toll on his health. His thinning hair and cautious gait are an indication of his failing health.

Biden sometimes loses his hold on thoughts and stumbles while reading from a teleprompter and it has led to making inopportune remarks on sensitive issues. The White House has many times walked back on those remarks.

He prefers writing op-eds in newspapers instead of giving interviews because the newspaper content can be controlled. Also, White House correspondents meet him only from a distance when he goes to mass.

Biden spends his weekends in one of his homes in Delaware. But his aides like Mike Donilon defend him vigorously saying that the president spends four hours planning the domestic policy while the younger staff prefers to sleep on the plane.

Who Is The Right Candidate For US President In 2024?

Donald Trump (76) is the potential candidate for the 2024 US presidential elections. And he knows how to play the age card. The former president has already started preparations for the coming elections.

In the Democrat camp, Vice President Kamla Harris (57) has a strong chance of rising to the top post. Also, California Governor Gavin Newsom (54) or Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg (40) could also go for presidential elections.

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