World Heritage Day 2022: What You Need To Know About This Day?

The International Day for Monuments and Sites also known as World Heritage Day is observed every year on 18 April. The objective of celebrating the monuments of the world is to aware people of the rich heritage the world has. It is an integral part of the culture and traditions of the world.

How Is The World Heritage Day Celebrated?

The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), which works for the conservation and protection of heritage places around the world, hosts heritage tours to educate people on the heritage sites of the world. It also hosts seminars and discussions on issues related to the preservation of the cultural and heritage sites.

What is The History Of The World Heritage Day?

What is The History Of The World Heritage Day

The proposal of celebrating World Heritage Day to preserve the cultural and heritage sites came from ICOMOS. It sent the proposal on 18 April 1982 to the General Assembly of UNESCO and the assembly approved the proposal in 1983. Since then, 18 April is celebrated as World Heritage Day across the globe.

What Is The Theme Of World Heritage Day 2022?

World Heritage Day 2022

The theme for World Heritage Day 20200 is “Heritage and Climate”. ICOMOS wants to promote conservation research and employ sustainable strategies necessary for the protection and conservation of heritage sites spread across the globe.

What Is The Significance Of World Heritage Day?

ICOMOS educates people about the shared global heritage of the world. It highlights the culture and traditions that connect the societies and communities of the world. Also, it educates people on the significance of preserving the monuments that are the cultural heritage of the world.

People can participate in the World Heritage Day celebrations through UNESCO World Heritage Sites and online exhibitions on Google Arts and Culture.


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