World Laugher Day: Story So Far

Someone rightly said laughter is the best medicine. It is the cheapest thing that can give the invaluable thing that is happiness. When you laugh, you actually de-stress your body and mind. You feel light and happy for some time. Today is the World Laugher Day.

World Laughter Day 2020

Laughter day celebration is an annual event and it is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. Objective of laughter day is to aware the world about many benefits of laughter that include a healing touch to the tired body and mind.

History of World Laughter Day

The first World Laugher Day was celebrated on May 10, 1998 in Mumbai, India with Dr Madan Kataria founding the worldwide Laugher Yoga movement. Dr Kataria had firm belief that facial expressions had strong impact on emotions. And to express his belief, he started the Laughter Yoga movement that became the cardinal for World Laughter Day.

For that day, the first Sunday of May is celebrated as the World Laughter Day. Its celebration is taken as a positive manifestation for world peace. Also, it is good for developing universal brotherhood and friendship. On this day, people all over the world come together to share laughter.

Celebration of the World Laugher Day

People have formed Laughter Clubs or groups where they share stories and jokes to start laughter. But some people like watching comedy movies and shows with friends and family and share laughter. Today, people can also share jokes and funny pics on social media as laughter medicines.


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