X2 Becomes The First Flying Car To Fly Amid Full Public View

Chinese electronic vehicle maker Xpeng Inc displayed its “flying car” for the first time in the United Arab Emirates. It was an unmanned vehicle powered by eight propellers two at each corner. The Chinese maker said that it was considering the international launch of its vehicle.


• Chinese flying car makes its first appearance in Dubai
• It is a two-seater aircraft capable of vertical movement
• It will soon be launched on the international market

What Is A Flying Car?

The “flying car” made by Xpeng Inc is a small two-seater aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL). The company calls it X2. The aircraft has two propellers on each corner to support vertical take-off and landing. According to the Chinese manufacturer, the “flying car” will transform city transportation for the better. The company offered X2 as a future mode of transport.

How Was The First Flight Of X2?

First Flight Of X2

The two-seater aircraft X2 did well in the 90-minute flight. Its take-off and landing were smooth and the people were amazed to see a “flying car” for the first time. It was an unmanned flight described as an important step toward developing the next generation of flying cars.

What Did The Manufacturer Say About The Flying Car?

Minguan Qiu, general manager of Xpeng Aeroht said that they were making step-by-step moves to the international market. First, they selected Dubai because it is the most innovative city in the world. But the official disclosed nothing about their plans for the international launch of the aircraft.

Source:- https://bit.ly/3ThLhzI

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