Antivirus Software Owner John McAfee, 75, Died As A Prisoner In Spain

John McAfee, the owner of the leading McAfee antivirus software firm, died as a fugitive in a Spanish prison. A Spanish court deemed it a suicide after the court turned his application for resisting extradition to the US was turned down.

Why was the US seeking the extradition of John McAfee?

He was accused of not filing tax returns for several years despite making a good profit by promoting cryptocurrencies, consulting work, and selling the rights to his story for a documentary. If proved, he could face conviction and McAfee feared he could be imprisoned for life. He was 75 at the time of his death.

Why was his application contesting extradition was turned down?

McAfee alleged that he was facing persecution for raising his voice against the rampant corruption in the federal departments. He also opposed the flat money system that allows banks greater control over regulating the money supply. But the court found no material in the allegations and released the order to extradite McAfee.

But it wasn’t the only trouble of John McAfee….

In 2012, McAfee had to flee his home in Belize when he was made a “person of interest” by the police investigating the death of his neighbor. The police even raided his Belize home several times suspecting his hand in assembling a militia and dealing in narcotics. But he was arrested for illegally entering Guatemala for political asylum. Earlier he was arrested in Tennessee on drunk-driven charges in 2015. He also ran for president as a Libertarian.

Life of John McAfee….

John McAfee gave the world an antivirus program that served the IT companies for many years. He was once called a leader in the IT industry and his company kept growing even after his resignation. But destiny has something else for McAfee as troubles never left him alone.


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