Highlights Of The England VS Czech Republic UEFA Euro 2020 Match

England reached the Group D of UEFA Euro 2020 Football after defeating the Czech Republic with 1-0. But both the teams are already through the Round of 16 by default and both have 4 points each. And now the focus is to attain the top place in Group D.

The only goal came in the 12th minute….

The winger and attacking midfielder, Raheem Sterling, got an early lead for England when he drove the ball through the nets. He headed a cross from fellow winger Jack Grealish into the goal. And England maintained the lead till the end to win the match 1-0.

Here’re highlights of the match

• England kept possession of the ball but the Czech Republic defended the English attack well

• The only goal was a true team effort as the ball starts with Saka who passes it to Kane, who in turn passes the ball to Grealish, who throws it for an easy header in front of goal by Sterling

• England makes a change in the second half. Declan Rice is replaced with Jordan Henderson

• Jan Boril was booked for taking down Bukayo Saka but he was lucky to escape the Red Card

• The Czech Republic makes two changes. Alex Kral and Darida were brought in and Darida and Masopus were sent out.

• Jan Boril makes another mistake despite being on the Yellow line. And this time, he challenges Kane. But the referee plays down the incident

• John Stones defends a corner attack by the Czech Republic in the last minutes. It was a good attack by the Czech team

Source:- https://bit.ly/3xHFNmU

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