China Sees Hong Kong Boiling In Support Of Uighurs

Pro-democracy protestors rallied in Hong Kong streets to show solidarity with Uighur minorities in China. They said that their condition was no different than that of Uighurs in mainland China.

But a protestor went ahead and pulled a Chinese flag hoisting over a government building during the rally. This short incident of violence was enough for the riot control police to swing into action to disperse the protestors.

Uighurs in China

China is facing flak from the world community for keeping over 10 lack Uighurs out of whom most are Muslims in captivity in north-west province Xinjiang. Earlier Beijing used to deny having any Uighur camps but it now says that these camps are vocational training centers for fighting against terrorism.

Hong Kong with Uighur

Hong Kong has kept a close watch over the Uighurs camps in Xinjiang and for this reason, people protesting against the illegal detention of Uighurs have become a common sight in Hong Kong. Sunday rally was also dedicated to support the cause of Uighur Muslims.

Sunday rally in Hong Kong

More than 1000 people gathered at a square in Hong Kong to listen to the pro-democracy protestors. They said that China would do Xinjiang in Hong Kong. Some protestors were seen holding flags of eastern Turkey in the gathering.

The protestors alleged that they could see Chinese government in Hong Kong. One protestor said that China was suppressing Uighurs in Xinjiang because it had the power. It would the same in Hong Kong once it became powerful.


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