Hong Kong Witnesses Civil War Like Condition On Monday

Hong Kong witnessed mayhem on Monday with defiant protestors hurling bricks and eggs at police and starting fire outside police stations. But they didn’t stop at just attacking police.

After disrupting the traffic on Monday, the protesting crowd moved to public parks and squares in several districts. And nothing including tear gas bombs and rubber bullets could disperse them from public places.

Chief Executive calls the situation dangerous

The Chief Executive Carrie Lam denied reports that she wanted to resign. Lam said that Hong Kong was heading towards a very dangerous situation because the protestors had ulterior motives. And she made it clear that resigning from post or seeking resignation of her colleagues won’t solve the crisis.

Revolution of our time

Eight districts in Hong Kong witnessed catastrophic situation with protestors responding to tear gas and bullet fires with practiced swiftness. They yelled invectives and lobbed the tear gas canisters back at police force.

Since past two months, the anti-government protests were limited only to weekends but Monday’s protest brought Hong Kong to a halt. They did so to gather attention of world media and press for their demands.

The protestors called police “Gangsters” and yelled “Reclaim Hong Kong” in what they call “revolution of our time”.

Rush hour strike

Protestors started early to disrupt the Monday working. Trains were blocked, platforms locked and emergency alarms activated. According to airport authority, the protests led to as many as 77 flights cancelled. There were people who weren’t part of protests and demanded a break from this mayhem. For more information please visit our latest trending News

Source: https://bit.ly/2T9ebnt

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