Chrissy Teigen Gives Strange Reasons For Trolling Courtney Stodden

Chrissy Teigen tendered an apology for being a troll for Courtney Stodden. Teigen authored a lengthy apology to her to let her feel that Teigen was sorry for what she did to Stodden who identifies herself as nonbinary.

Let’s go to the flashback…..

Courtney Stodden was just 16 when she married actor Doug Hutchison who was 50-year-old then. While it was a private matter between her and Hutchison, but Teigen went on to attack her.

Last month, she made public all that Teigen said to her. She said that Teigen said that she should kill herself and that Teigen couldn’t wait for her to die. And this revelation kicked a storm on social media.

Why was Chrissy Tiegen so rude towards Stodden?

Today Chrissy Tiegen is ashamed of her rude behavior but at that time, she was pretty cruel towards Stodden. In her words, she was insecure and immature and wanted to impress everyone to become acceptable to all. She took to Twitter to get attention believing that her behavior was a crude, clever, and harmless quip. She thought it would be cool and relatable if she poked fun at celebrities.

Chrissy Teigen gives reasons for her apology….

While at the first instance, it seems that Stodden’s revelation of Teigen’s remarks made Teigen tender an apology but Teigen has different reasons for offering an apology.

Teigen said that she didn’t want to portray herself as a victim but that she had grown since. She was married, had a family, had children, and she had therapy. And all changed her behavior over time. She accepted her fault and tendered an apology.

But the apology seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. There could be more revelations about Chrissy Teigen’s social media behavior in the coming days. Presently she’s offering an apology only for trolling Stodden.


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