Trouble Brewing For Brooklyn Nets As Kyrie Irving Walks Out Injured After James Harden

Brooklyn Nets are left with only one player they can count on after the star player Kyrie Irving was injured out for the rest of the season. It is to be noted that Nets have already lost another star player James Harden due to his hamstring troubles.

Who is the star player of Brooklyn Nets for the remaining season?

Kevin Duran will have to take the lead to win matches for his team. He is the only star player left in the team as Irving and Harden are out due to injuries. But Duran will need a strong companion to face formidable competitors like Giannis Antetokounmpo of Milwaukee Bucks.

Brooklyn Nets can try making the loss of two big players with Bruce Brown, Landry Shamet, and Tyler Johnson, but none of these players could play like Irving. Finally, Nets would have to focus on Duran and encourage him to give his best.

What is the performance of Kevin Duran?

Kevin Duran is a great player and this is evident from his performance so far. Duran got a 3-0 lead for Brooklyn Nets in matches where he played without Irving and Harden. His performance is beyond doubt and for this reason, Nets don’t have to worry about matches with Knicks, Pacers, and Timberwolves.

Brooklyn Nets would want Durant to save his energy for the most challenging match with Giannis. Here Durant would have to display exceptional skills to evade faults and avoid mistakes that could cost his team dearly. Whether Durant will be able to win matches without Irving will be a thing to see in the upcoming matches.

How did Kyrie Irving get injured?

Irving landed on Giannis’ foot when coming down after playing a shot in Game 4 vs Bucks. Soon the viewers saw Irving taken to the locker room.


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