Could World Test Championship Revive Test Cricket?

The International Cricket Council almost removed ODIs from the newly released the Future Tours Programme (FTP) for the cycle till 2022. The new FTP has limited the maximum number of ODIs in bilateral series to three but the number of T20s has been shot up.

Highlights of FTP

Revival of ODIs

ICC has been aggressive in its approach to promote T20s but it says that the new format would help in globalizing the sport. Presently, ICC is putting little focus on ODIs but the popular format could see resurgence before the 2023 World Cup. Also, ICC has suggested a minimum number of games format to make a new qualification system. But ICC won’t interfere in bilateral series played between two countries.

Test Cricket and World Test Championship

Starting World Test Championship is a great idea but it is still at its nascent stage. But ICC is trying to find a solution to questions like number of matches played and point system. The latter issue is raised in the Ashes series between India and West Indies where people accused ICC of disparity.

Uniformity in cricket

ICC stands for uniformity but the present FTP puts more focus on T20 and Test Cricket. The world body hops to make the next FTP more uniform than the present.


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