Cricket World Cup Update: England Beat Australia last night in advance

This time England is unstoppable. Yesterday win of England over Australia creates the history. They won the match in the second half. Man of the match, Chris Woakes says, it was the incredible performance given by his team.

They proved as Masters

Well, in the start they lost the toss and went for bowling, but they created the history. It is quite natural but they won the match, it is out of the box. They deliver amazing shorts and runs were brilliant.

At the mid-match, the England team was nervous, after the downing of the second wicket. Chris recreated the match and fought for his team, hence create the history of won.

They created 224 in less than 35 overs. Australia team seam helpless, nevertheless they deliver their good bowls to turn the match, but nothing worked.

After the winning record of England, it seems this time the world cup 2019 trophy goes to England.


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