ICC World Cup 2019


England won the World cup Trophy after Super over and twists

In cricket world cup history, yesterday match between New Zealand and England was so thrilling especially the last three overs, where stokes add a twist and moved a step further for winning. The match ended with tie results even after the super over, but England won the trophy and create the history.

In entire match, everyone predicts New Zealand won, but after the batting of stoves (the man of the match or entire win) changed the game by adding a twist. In the ground, it clearly seems there was golden luck which made them winner. They seemed out from the match in 32 overs with little scores and 4 out.

England’s good luck- This is called a win!

England and New Zealand were the teams, who entered in the very first time in the world cup in history. Both teams were enthusiastic to won the match, but England became the world champions in a true manner in their soil place.

New Zealand youngest player, added a twist in super over and snatch the trophy, but there was bad luck that they ran out and England got the trophy.

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Cricket World Cup Update: England Beat Australia last night in advance

This time England is unstoppable. Yesterday win of England over Australia creates the history. They won the match in the second half. Man of the match, Chris Woakes says, it was the incredible performance given by his team.

They proved as Masters

Well, in the start they lost the toss and went for bowling, but they created the history. It is quite natural but they won the match, it is out of the box. They deliver amazing shorts and runs were brilliant.

At the mid-match, the England team was nervous, after the downing of the second wicket. Chris recreated the match and fought for his team, hence create the history of won.

They created 224 in less than 35 overs. Australia team seam helpless, nevertheless they deliver their good bowls to turn the match, but nothing worked.

After the winning record of England, it seems this time the world cup 2019 trophy goes to England.

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Australia VS England Semi-Finals Match officials and prediction

Today the exciting clash of Australia with England is all set. As compare to score so far in world cup 2019, Australia innings are great at 285/7 whereas England 221.

England’s Batsman Joe Root says they have enough power to take revenge for beat Australia when we will meet on world cup semi-final.

Whose chances are more?

Last month, the England team was dominated because of losing a match in the Hometown. But, they get over and show back to back winning power after beating India and New Zealand. This put them on No1 ODI side.

Well, England score is less than Australia, but when Joe and Co come on the edge they created the series of a win in their home.

Joe says, if you look upon the last 11 games we have won 9 and that’s enough to stay positive and feel bang on. Now, we are successful in matches and hope we will beat the Australia Thursday.

It is something that good to encourage our confident to enter in the field of war.

Match officials

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World Cup 2019: England will win world cup trophy this year with their best cricket said, Liam Plunkett

The cricket world cup of 2019 reached semi-finals. Every team doing their best to store their place in semi-finals. The fast bowler Liam Plunkett claims and believes the England team will win the match this time.

England had earlier writhed successive defeats against Sri Lanka and Australia, leaving the pre-tournaments of the last four.

Plunkett said, now we are in form and can defeat anyone in the ground.

Well, England has never won the World cup trophy of 50-overs. They lost a match in 1979, 1987 and 1992.

Plunkett is known as a fast bowler and he took two wickets in the opening match against South Africa, but the luck was not there and they defeated by 14 runs.

He said the good thing about us we don’t go into our shell. As Eoin Morgan said, its time to rock-on and do the opposite when you get beaten.

We have played with a good Indian team and win by 31 runs.

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ICC World Cup 2019: Bangladesh knock the doors of semi-finals As like India

As you know, the temperature of ICC world Cup 2019 mounting day by day. The teams are doing double hard work to achieve success. India is one of the best cricket team in the league so far.

Losing the first match with England on Sunday creates a little burden on the team, now need just one point to enter in semi-finals. Now Talk about Bangladesh, the same time, the same pitch they need one point to make their place ensure in semi-finals. It would only happen if they win Tuesday match as yes Next match with Pakistan.

India Team So far unbeaten until England Match, but there is hope India will win next match and ensure its place. The convincing show with Vijay Shankar helped Indian Team to rejuvenate their power and passion to become unbeatable again in the tournament.

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