England won the World cup Trophy after Super over and twists


In cricket world cup history, yesterday match between New Zealand and England was so thrilling especially the last three overs, where stokes add a twist and moved a step further for winning. The match ended with tie results even after the super over, but England won the trophy and create the history.

In entire match, everyone predicts New Zealand won, but after the batting of stoves (the man of the match or entire win) changed the game by adding a twist. In the ground, it clearly seems there was golden luck which made them winner. They seemed out from the match in 32 overs with little scores and 4 out.

England’s good luck- This is called a win!

England and New Zealand were the teams, who entered in the very first time in the world cup in history. Both teams were enthusiastic to won the match, but England became the world champions in a true manner in their soil place.

New Zealand youngest player, added a twist in super over and snatch the trophy, but there was bad luck that they ran out and England got the trophy.

Well, I must say yesterday match was looked like finals where both were on 2-2.

It’s quite heart-breaking for New Zealand because they were so close, but they spotted as best runners up.

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