Did Will Smith Resign In Disciplinary Action?

Will smith first made a public apology through social media and then decided to resign from the Academy over his indecent behavior at the 94th Academy Awards presentation.

Resignation Statement of Will Smith

Resignation Statement of Will Smith

“I am resigning from membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences”, read the statement. It was further written that Will Smith would accept any further consequences the Board deemed appropriate. His action at the award function was shocking and painful. He hurt Chris, Chris’ family and friends, and all those attendees and the global audience in their homes.

The statement read that Will Smith betrayed the trust of the Academy and deprived other nominees and winners of their opportunity to celebrate and be celebrated. Will Smith was heartbroken.

Recalling The Incident

Chris Rock, the standup comedian, mocked Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett about his medical condition. She’s suffering from alopecia and facing hair loss as a result. Smith instantly walked up to Chris and slapped him in full public view. While it soothed his anger but the Academy criticized the indecent behavior.

Will Smith’s Apology

Will Smith also tendered his apology through his Instagram post but it did little to calm the anger against him. Academy was determined to take strict disciplinary action against Smith. First, Chris Rock was asked to call the police and get Smith arrested for his behavior but Chris denied taking any action.

Will Smith’s Resignation

Will Smith’s Resignation

Will Smith sent his resignation to the Academy after the news of strict disciplinary action against him was broke. The Academy was mulling expelling, suspending, or taking any other suitable action against Will Smith. But Smith sent his resignation to the Academy.

Will Smith has already sent his apologies to Chris Rock for his indecent behavior. He accepted that he was wrong to slap Chris Rock but nothing pleased the Academy and the governing body decided to move ahead with disciplinary action.

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