Will Smith To Face Disciplinary Action From Academy

After Chris Rock dismissed all options of legal action against Will Smith, the Academy said it was mulling punishment including possible expulsion of Smith for his public outrage at the Oscar ceremony.


• Chris Rock was allowed to take legal action against Will Smith
• Los Angeles police were ready to arrest Smith
• Smith was given the best actor Oscar
• Academy could punish Smith for his behavior

What Were The Legal Options For Chris Rock?

Will Packer, the show’s producer, said that he sat with police officers and Chris Rock to discuss the legal options Rock could choose against Will Smith. The officers said that they could arrest Smith if Rock could press charges. But Chris said that he was fine. Los Angeles police officers laid all options before Chris Rock but he said no to all those options.

Would The Academy Punish Will Smith?

Would The Academy Punish Will Smith

Will Smith was awarded the best actor Oscar award soon after he slapped Chris Rock in full public view. Chris Rock, a standup comedian, mocked Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett for her hair loss. Smith couldn’t accept the joke and slapped Rock before the audience.

The Academy allowed the function to proceed after the public display of the outrage. Will Smith was awarded and the audience cheered for Smith. Soon after he was asked to leave the event but he denied it and insisted on staying.

Will Smith is the fifth black man to win a leading actor Oscar but the Academy is serious about taking action against Smith. He could be expelled from the industry for indecent behavior.

Will Smith To Face Disciplinary Action From Academy

Academy Has Already Started Proceedings

A statement from the Academy said that Will Smith could face expulsion, suspension, or any other sanction as disciplinary action. The Academy chiefs Dawn Hudson and David Rubin spoke with Smith before issuing the statement.

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