Google CEO Sundar Pichai On India’s Concern On Privacy And Security

Indian government has introduced data localization across its policies but his move has pitted global IT giants including Google against local companies in India. But the flow of cross-border is beneficial for local as well Silicon Valley giants.

Sundar Pichai opens up on Google’s approach to Indian market in the changed scenario

From finding answers to helping people get things done

Google is helping people in different tasks like finding way during monsoon. People can talk to Google Assistant in Hindi or any other language of their choice. He said that Google was in the process of determining a business approach in India. This approach could be ad-supported or transaction based. He gave examples of YouTube as a premium model and G-suite as a subscription to companies.

Google Pay’s growth

Google invested a huge sum on Google Pay and the company is very excited about the growth of its digital payment app in India. Sundar Pichai said that Google wanted to contribute to the growth of digital payments and UPI framework.

Ad revenues in India

India is the largest market for YouTube. Sundar Pichai said that there were over 12,000 creators and over 1 million subscribers in India. People use YouTube for watching old Bollywood songs and learning new things to develop their skills.

India pushing for limitations on cross-border flow of data

Sundar Pichai said that Google had good understanding of the concerns raised by Indian government. He further maintained that Google viewed the privacy and security of users as a fundamental value. Sundar Pichai was of the opinion that Indian companies can take great strides in global market.

Prioritising original reporting in its search results

Sundar Pichai thinks that it was extremely important in journalism. He stressed that Google was doing more hard work that could fulfill the objective of original reporting.


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