Google’s Doodle Gives More Insight On The First Lunar Mission

Google celebrates 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 Mission by dedicating its Doodle to the first lunar mission of mankind. The Doodle takes the viewers through the journey to the moon and highlights the challenges the three astronauts faced while navigating into an unknown and unexplored world.

The Doodle gives an eyewitness narration of the journey in the words of Michael Collins, former astronaut and command module pilot of Apollo 11. Also, it unearths the facts that were hitherto unknown to the world.

For example, approximately 4 lac people belonging to different trades including construction workers and the astronauts were associated with the mission.

The historic journey

It began on 16 July 1969 at 13:32 UTC in the most powerful rocket of that time – the Saturn V – blasting off from Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Florida.

Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins were going to create history by entering into the lunar orbit for the first time. After navigating in the space for three days, the trio entered the lunar orbit and prepared for the landing. The entire world was watching the mission with bated breath.

The day for which the world was eagerly waiting came on 20 July 1969 when the two astronauts – Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin – landed in the Sea of Tranquility in their vehicle Eagle. Neil Armstrong first put his foot on the moon and said “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Michael Collins remained in the command module to provide technical and logistical support to the men on the moon.

Challenges in Apollo 11

It was a 13-minute controlled dropout from the base but those were anxious moments especially when men on moon lost radio contact with earth for a brief period and the computers controlling the mission started showing unfamiliar errors. The commotion baffled everyonebut things remained under control and the Apollo 11 brought the crew safely on 25 July 1969. It was a historic moment for the entire world and mankind.

Moon mission

The success of the first mission inspired 10 more astronauts that visited the moon in the subsequent flights of Apollo 11. The last time Apollo 11 took a flight to moon was in 1972.

According to Google release, the first flight paved way for more flights and many breakthroughs from carrying dried-frozen-food to CAT machines into the space.


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