Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti: Interesting Facts About The Life Of Tenth Guru In Sikhism

The birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru of Sikhs, is falling on the second day of the New Year 2020. He was born on 22 December 1666 according to Gregorian calendar but his birth anniversary is calculated according to lunar calendar and for this reason celebrated on this day.

Guru Gobind Singh

He became guru at the tender age of 9 and did miraculous deed during is lifetime. He stood up against the Mughals who were doing injustice to the people of other faiths at that time. He set up an army of saint soldiers and named it “Khalsa”. He maintained a strict code of conduct and spiritual discipline and asked his army to follow the code. Guru Gobind Singh was both a military and spiritual leader whose teachings still inspire many, even today.

It was Guru Gobind Singh who developed Sikhism as a religion and announced that Guru Granth Sahib to be the eternal Sikh Guru that the Sikhs should turn to the Holy Scripture for teachings.

Celebrations of birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh

The celebrations start with processions displaying the events related to life of Guru Gobind Singh. Today these processions have also become a medium to spread social messages. The processions are followed by prayer meetings at gurudwaras.

Sikh people distribute sweets and food to those coming to gurudwaras and even to those passing by the gurudwaras. Also, they do karsewa cleaning shoes of the visitors and organizing fee medical camps for needy people.


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