Happy Hug Day 2020: All You Need To Know About Hug Day And Hugging

Hug Day comes on February 12. It is the day on which couples give hug to each other. Hug is a physical action that includes wrapping the person who want to hug with your arms. This action removes all physical and psychological differences between the two persons.

It sounds romantic and romance is necessary for a long-lasting relationship. Hugging has many advantages like it promotes mental well-being and develops understanding.

Hug Day fun facts

  1. Hugging is good for well-being – eight hugs a day provide mental stability and twelve hugs boost psychological development of the person hugged.
  2. With a hugging session lasting at least 10 seconds, a couple spends one hour every month in hugging.
  3. A proper hug iron outs differences and breaking the wall created due to personal enmity and fighting. The movie Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. is a good example of power of a hug. In film, it was called Jadoo Ki Jhappi.
  4. Hug is reciprocal in nature. It is beneficial for both – one who is hugging and other who is hugged. Also, hugging reduces the feeling of insecurity between the persons involved.
  5. Hug releases a kind of pleasure hormone called dopamine. And this hormone further releases endorphin that is called feel-good hormone.

Also, hugging boosts production of oxytocin hormone that decreases the feeling of loneliness and anger.

Now you know advantages of hug. You should give your girlfriend or wife, if you are married a warm hug that makes her smile and makes her feel secure.

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