Another reprehensible entity for Pakistan: Imran Khan is seen as Beggar on Google!

As we everyone knows, Pakistan lost all his hopes after the revoke of 370 article related to J&K. nowadays, Pakistan it getting troll everywhere by Indians. Hundreds of memes you have already seen on the internet, but today in Google search when you search for the Bikhari or beggar, you will see Imran khan’s image.

Isn’t funny? Well, it is true!!

After the UNSAC council, Pakistan getting failure in a very way even from his dear friend’s country China. This reprehensible thing actually gets to know when a person searches for Bikhari in search engine Google, and the picture of Imran Khan is on the top, in which he is seen as holding the bowl in his hands.

Pakistan’s one foolish decision spoil all its country!

Pakistan lost all his business with India after making the foolish decision for his country on stopping the bilateral trade between India and Pakistan. This made Pakistan condition worse, resultant, they have no vegetables, onions, garlic, tomatoes and many other items in his country. If they are present they are too costly as everyone can’t afford it right now.

In short, you can say, Pakistan put stones in his deployment and prosperity of his country due to supporting terrorism. For more information please visit our latest trending News


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