Puerto Rico: Governor Ricardo Rossello Steps Down Amid Public Pressure

Puerto Rico will see a new governor after the present Governor Ricardo Rossello offered to resign under pressure from citizens. He will tender his resignation on 2 August 2019 but the race to the next governor has already begun.

Why were Puerto Rican protesting?

Over 500,000 Puerto Ricans spilled on streets of Puerto Rico to demand resignation of the governor. The island witnessed 12 days of protesting after the profane messages and corruption scandal of Governor Ricardo Rossello came to light.

Who is Ricardo Rossello?

Present governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello belongs to a pro-statehood party called New Progressive. His rule is marked by 2017 successive hurricanes that wreaked widespread destructions and killed 3000 people. Also, it was during his rule that US territory filed for bankruptcy to restructure $US120 billion of debt and pension allegations. Finally, he has other charges leading to widespread protests. He’s resigning on the first week of August.

Who would be the next governor?

The public is divided on the name of the next governor. The first name doing round is of Secretary of Justice Wanda Vazquez but the protestors are opposing her name. But one in the protestors is seen displaying a placard supporting Wanda Vazquez.

The 59-year old former District Attorney Vazquez considered close to Rossello is facing charges of improper business in the past. Be she refutes the charges as baseless media conjecture. US Representative Jenniffer Gonzalez is seen in the support of Vazquez. Gonzalez is non-voting delegate to congress.

A source close to the Rossello’s administration disclosed that Vazquez is unlikely to become governor but Pedro Pierluisi has bright chances of succeeding the disgrace governor.Puerto Rico Representative Luis Vega Ramos and the political rival of Rossello also supported Pierluisi’s candidature.

Source: https://bit.ly/2MgWXU4

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