Boris Johnson Inducts Three Indians Including Infosys Founder Narayana Murthy’s Son-In-Law In His Cabinet

Boris Johnson officially accepts the prime ministerial responsibility on Wednesday and vows to fulfill his promise of Brexit under a new deal with the 28-member economic bloc on October 31.

PM Boris Johnson

Mr. Johnson is appointed Prime Minister by Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday. By number he the 55th Prime Minister of Britain and 14th appointed by the 93-year-old-monarch. Also, he’s 3rd Prime Minister since Britain voted for Brexit in June 2016.

Promises to fulfill

Boris Johnson made many promises on his first day at office. He made it clear that Britain is walking out of Brexit on October 31 without any ifs and buts. He has 99 days to make a deal with 28-member EU bloc and get a ceremonial exit from the union. He further promised to make streets safer by adding 20,000 additional police. He also vowed to work on improving social care and bring education reforms in addition to work on the free trade deals around the world.

Johnson’s India connection

Mr. Johnson describes himself as a son-in-law of India by virtue of his wife Marina Wheeler whose mother was an Indian, Dip Kaur. He stressed on the need of strengthening UK’s relations with India. According to Mr. Johnson, he’s excited to establish a personal relationship with Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India to develop a true bilateral relationship.

Boris Johnson said that he looked at opportunities instead of challenges that lie ahead. He said the he would focus on free trade deals to lift billions out of poverty.

Rishi Sunak MP

Son-in-law of Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy, Rishi Sunak, with housing minister Alok Mehta and Indian-origin peer Lord Jitesh Gadhia are in line for frontline jobs. The 47-year-old Rishi Sunak is an ardent Brexiteer. He said that he was confident of Mr. Johnson’s plans.


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