Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak Lose The Elections

Liz Truss Becomes The Third Female Prime Minister Of the UK

Liz Truss is the new prime minister of the UK. She received 57.7% votes while her closest rival Rish Sunak got only 42.6% votes. The results for the closely fought battle for the top post were announced around 12:35 pm on Monday.


• Rishi Sunak did better than expected in the Tory Party elections
• He congratulated Liz Truss and offered all support
• Liz Truss is unlikely to accommodate Rishi Sunak in her government

What Are The Results Of The Tory Party Elections?

The total number of eligible voters was 172,437 out of which 654 votes were rejected. The share of Liz Truss and Rish Sunak’s votes was 60,399 and 81,326 respectively. The turnout of the votes was 82.6%. Sir Graham Brady, returning officer for the Conservative and Unionist Party leadership election announced Liz Truss as the elected candidate.

How did Rishi Sunak Lose The Elections?

Rishi Sunak Lose The Elections

Rishi Sunak did fairly well throughout the seven weeks long campaigning but he couldn’t withstand the accusation of “backstabber” that followed him throughout the campaign. Boris Johnson blamed Rishi Sunak for the downfall of his government. He even started an “anyone but … Read the rest

Liz Truss Could Be The Third Female Prime Minister Of The UK

Liz Truss Could Be The Third Female Prime Minister Of The UK

Liz Truss is leading in the race to become the next prime minister of the UK after Boris Johnson resigned from the top post in July following a slew of scandals and resignations from his government.

Here’re 10 Points About Liz Truss’ Candidature

Liz Truss Could Be The Third Female Prime Minister Of The UK
  1. Liz Truss (47) will become the third female prime minister of England after Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher. She has consistently been ahead of her closest rival Rishi Sunak (42) in polling among the estimated 200,000 Tory members eligible to vote.
  2. But 52% said she would make a “poor” or “terrible” prime minister and 43% said they didn’t trust her “at all” to deal with burning issues. The UK is facing its worst cost-of-living crisis due to double-digit inflation and high energy prices due to the Ukraine war.
  3. Liz Truss had campaigned on a promise to slash taxes and prioritize economic growth. She said she would present a full plan on how they were going to reduce taxes within one month of taking the charge.
  4. Liz Truss started her political career as a teenage member of the Liberal Democrats before switching to the right-wing Conservatives. In 2016, she campaigned for the European
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Rishi Sunak Entered The Race To Become The British PM

It Is How Rishi Sunak Entered The Race To Become The British PM

The race to become PM gathered momentum with Rishi Sunak, former chancellor, launching his bid for the top post. Boris Johnson has resigned as British PM and the Conservative party has to elect a new leader to become the face of the new government.


• Rishi Sunak is in the race to become the next PM
• He was finance minister in Boris Johnson’s government
• He is an Indian-origin British citizen and could be the first Indian-origin PM of Britain

How did Rishi Sunak Start His Bid To Become The Conservative Party Leader?

The resignation of Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, triggered a wave of resignations that only grew stronger with time. Boris Johnson tried to stem the resignations but he could do little by the time he understood what was happening and he had to resign.

Rishi Sunak Entered The Race To Become The British PM

Post-resignation of Boris Johnson as prime minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak launched his bid for the top post. He shared a campaign video tweet to strengthen his candidature for the top post.

“Someone has to grip this moment and make the right decisions. That’s why I’m standing to … Read the rest


Boris Johnson Inducts Three Indians Including Infosys Founder Narayana Murthy’s Son-In-Law In His Cabinet

Boris Johnson officially accepts the prime ministerial responsibility on Wednesday and vows to fulfill his promise of Brexit under a new deal with the 28-member economic bloc on October 31.

PM Boris Johnson

Mr. Johnson is appointed Prime Minister by Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday. By number he the 55th Prime Minister of Britain and 14th appointed by the 93-year-old-monarch. Also, he’s 3rd Prime Minister since Britain voted for Brexit in June 2016.

Promises to fulfill

Boris Johnson made many promises on his first day at office. He made it clear that Britain is walking out of Brexit on October 31 without any ifs and buts. He has 99 days to make a deal with 28-member EU bloc and get a ceremonial exit from the union. He further promised to make streets safer by adding 20,000 additional police. He also vowed to work on improving social care and bring education reforms in addition to work on the free trade deals around the world.

Johnson’s India connection

Mr. Johnson describes himself as a son-in-law of India by virtue of his wife Marina Wheeler whose mother was … Read the rest