It Is How Rishi Sunak Entered The Race To Become The British PM

The race to become PM gathered momentum with Rishi Sunak, former chancellor, launching his bid for the top post. Boris Johnson has resigned as British PM and the Conservative party has to elect a new leader to become the face of the new government.


• Rishi Sunak is in the race to become the next PM
• He was finance minister in Boris Johnson’s government
• He is an Indian-origin British citizen and could be the first Indian-origin PM of Britain

How did Rishi Sunak Start His Bid To Become The Conservative Party Leader?

The resignation of Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, triggered a wave of resignations that only grew stronger with time. Boris Johnson tried to stem the resignations but he could do little by the time he understood what was happening and he had to resign.

Rishi Sunak Entered The Race To Become The British PM

Post-resignation of Boris Johnson as prime minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak launched his bid for the top post. He shared a campaign video tweet to strengthen his candidature for the top post.

“Someone has to grip this moment and make the right decisions. That’s why I’m standing to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and your prime minister”

Who Is Rishi Sunak?

The 49-year-old Conservative Party leader is of Indian origin. His grandparents belonged to Punjab in India. First, his grandmother came to England in the hope of a better life for her family. Luckily she managed to get a job but had to work harder to save enough money for her husband and children to follow her.

Rishi Sunak said that family was everything to him. He is married to
Akshata Murty who’s the daughter of Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy. The couple has two daughters. They met while they were studying in California and decided to marry and start a family.

If Rishi Sunak wins the race to the top post, he would be the first Indian-origin prime minister of Britain.


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