History of Stunning Political Alliances Between Arch Rivals

Shiv Sena and Congress coming closure to form an alliance to form government in Maharashtra could be surprising for many. But here Sharad Pawar is working as a key link between Udbhav Thackeray and Sonia Gandhi.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi held discussion with senior party leaders and elected MLAs of Maharashtra assembly in Jaipur where the MLAs are stationed. The maximum number of Congress MLAs are favoring a Sena-led government to keep BJP out of power.

This alliance between Shiv Sena and Congress could look stunning but there are more stunning alliances in history.

  1. Mizoram’s Chakma Autonomous District Council

In 2018, the BJP with 5 members and the congress with 7 formed a post-poll alliance called United Legislature Party to form the Chakma Autonomous District Council government.

  1. BJP and PDP in J&K

In 2014, the BJP joined hands with its key rival Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed to form government. It is to be noted that both the parties were arch rivals in the state politics.

  1. Congress and AAP

In 2013 Delhi assembly elections, Congress slipped to the third-position in seats but it gave outside support to AAP that was the second party with highest-seats in the assembly election. BJP was the single largest party in Delhi elections but it was short of the magic number.

  1. BSP joined BJP

In 1995, Mayawati snapped her ties with Mulayam Singh Yadav’s SP in different circumstances. She forged a BSP-BJP alliance to remain in power according to a seat sharing formula.

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