How Is Breonna Taylor Killing Related To George Floyd Case?

Killing of George Floyd has brought the memory of another incident of racial injustice in the country to the forefront. It happened in the month of March when a police party killed a 26-year old first responder Breonna Taylor during her home search.

Breonna Taylor killing

On March 13, Louisville police armed with a “no-knock” provision entered Taylor’s home without giving any warning or identifying themselves as law enforcement officers. But the Louisville police said that they identified themselves before using force.

At home, Breonna Taylor was in her bedroom with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker. The police alleged that Walker fired on them in a surprise attack and the police party had to respond to that fire in self-defense. But they fired dozens of times killing Taylor on the spot. She received eight bullets and died in the hall of her apartment.

Investigation of Breonna Taylor killing

The investigation was started on May 21, almost two months after the killing. And the account narrated by the policed was disputed by Taylor’s family and their lawyers. A transcript from 911 call said that Walker informed that someone kicked in the door and shot his girlfriend.

The Taylor’s family also filed a lawsuit charging the police of wrongful death due to gross negligence. They said that the police sprayed bullets in the residence while Taylor and Walker were of the opinion that the house was broken into by strangers.

While the killers of George Floyd are arrested, the police officers involved in the killing of Taylor are yet to be arrested.


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