Kehlani Said Her Fans Didn’t Look At Her That Way

Kehlani Ashley Parrish gave the credit for her success and popularity to the way she presented herself. Kehlani was talking to The Advocate when she opened her heart about her acceptance of her sexuality played a crucial role in her meteoric rise.

It is all Kehlani said about her sexuality….

The Grammy-nominated artist proudly identifies as queer saying that being “straight and cisgender presenting” helped her achieve stardom. She further said that a lot of artists had that feeling in them and that they needed to come out and accept the fact. And she acknowledged that it was very tougher for those artists to present them. She highlighted the struggle of trans artists, Black gay men, and Black masculine women for work and life.

It is all about presentation for Kehlani….

The chart-topping singer opened up about her sexuality in 2018 but never felt the need to come out because her fans never looked at her in that way. She said that people never looked at her and go or bet she’s queer. She felt lucky to progress in her career without suffering that kind of negative feeling or attention.

But life has never been so easy for Kehlani….

She opened a little bit about her struggles by saying that no all was good until last year or when she acknowledged she’s queer. Today, she’s busy raising her daughter, Adeya Nomi and she said that she was raising Adeya Nomi in a queer environment.

A message for the world….

Kehlani used TikTok to say aloud “I am gay, gay, gay.” The R&B star hinted at an inner struggle about her identity until she accepted that she was a lesbian. And the California resident was surprised to know her family’s response. They said that they knew the truth. And it was the beginning of a happy life for Kehlani.


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